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         2 Hour Horseshoe Bend Trail Ride 

       The trail guide will take you to the south corner of the horseshoe bend then back to the center of horseshoe bend. 


                 $200.00 per person 

                       Call to Book


                1 Hour Horseshoe bend Trail Ride 

Guided horseback tour to Horseshoe Bend  with out the crowd enjoy the scenery . Center of horseshoe bend 50 yards from the public view. 



                         7am- 8am


                         1pm- 2pm (Not recommend                                                        during summer) 


                          6pm-7pm (Summer only: Call to                                                     make reservation)



                           $120 per person


               Wind Castle Slot Canyon Tour


*1.2 mile hike round-trip. 

*Beautiful scenery eliminating the big crowd small group. 

*Guided Tour 

$120 per person 

Call to Make Reservation




Arrival Time:                                     Please arrive 15 Minutes before Tour 

Tour Includes:                                   Wrangler, First Aide Kit, Mini Trash Bag and Water

Tour doesn't include:                           Food and Baggage Handling

Recommend:                                      Hat , Sunblock, and Bug Repellent  


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